Here Goes Nothing…

Hi there & welcome to my very first blog post!

Although a voracious reader and keen writer since childhood, it has taken me until the grand old age of 33 to slowly realise (with the help of my friends at Gallery Magazine) that I might, just might, have it in me to write things that people want to read.

So here it is; a brand new shiny blog, ready for me to fill with words. No pressure!

After 8 months that have seen a seismic shift in the direction I thought my life was taking, I find myself standing by one closed door, with a multitude of others open in front of me, ready to be explored. This foray into writing for public consumption is one of them.

I plan to write mostly about my adventures on this little Island and travels beyond, some cathartic musings about this unexpected reboot of my adult life, and a sprinkling of thoughts and opinions on just about anything else that pops into my head.

I hope you enjoy reading, and would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions



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